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Symptom Criteria for COVID‐19 Testing of Heath Care Workers

By Brian M Clemency DO, Renoj Varughese MD, Danielle K Scheafer DO, Brian Ludwig DO, Jacob V Welch BS, Robert F McCormack MD, Changxing Ma PhD, Nan Nan MA, Theresa Giambra RN, Thomas Raab MD

Prehospital Resuscitation with Low Titer O+ Whole Blood by Civilian EMS Teams: Rationale and Evolving Strategies for Use

By P. E. Pepe, J. P. Roach, and C. J. Winckler | 04.27.20

Prehospital blunt traumatic arrest resuscitation augmented by whole blood: a case report

By Julian G. Mapp, Craig A. Manifold, Alberto M. Garcia, Jason L. Aguilar, Michael L. Stringfellow, and Christopher J. Winckler | 01.28.20

Variabilities in the Use of IV Epinephrine in the Management of Cardiac Arrest Patients

By Jose G. Cabanas, Nidhish Lokesh, Raymond L. Fowler, MD, FACEP and James J. Augustine, MD, FACEP | 10.15.18

Preparation and Training for the Ambulance Patient Offload Time in EMS Systems

By Kate Krause, BS, Brandon Morshedi, MD, Paul Rosenberger, MPA, EdD, NRP, Reagan Rosenberger and Raymond L. Fowler, MD, FACEP | 4.11.19

Burnout Among EMS Professionals: Incidence, Assessment and Management

By Reagan Rosenberger, Raymond L. Fowler, MD, FACEP, Mona Robbins, PhD and Angela Gardner, MD | 10.29.19

The BVM Effect: An Overview of Studies Assessing Airway Management in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

By Ahamed H. Idris, MD, Faroukh Mehkri, BA, AEMT, Christopher Leba, BS, MPH, LP and Raymond L. Fowler, MD, FACEP | 9.28.15

Prehospital Fluid Management in Hemorrhagic Shock

By Hunter Pyle, BBA, Gil Salazar, MD, FACEP, Reed Macy, BA and Raymond L. Fowler, MD, FACEP | 3.19.19

Nasotracheal Intubation: Should the Art Be Lost?

By Andrew H. Tran, BBA, EMT-B and Raymond L. Fowler, MD, FACEP | 9.17.19